Foam glass fire insulation insulation system basic structure

Editor:Zhejiang Zhenshen Insulation Technology Corp. Ltd. │ Release Time:2019-03-04 

  Because most of the current wall insulation systems use the organic material insulation layer does not meet the national fire A grade non-combustible requirements: in the event of a fire, such as: the collapse of the entire wall, the generation of toxic gases and many other problems. In this context, a solution for fire barriers has been proposed, and among many fireproof materials, only foam glass can meet the requirements of both fire protection and heat preservation.

  The basic structural level of the foam glass exterior insulation system should be from the inside to the outside: the bonding layer, the foam glass insulation layer, the protective layer and the facing layer, wherein the plaster layer is mainly used for leveling the wall base layer, which can ensure The foam glass is firmly adhered to the wall, and the protective layer is mainly for protecting the firmness of the intensive insulation system and preventing water seepage. As the insulation layer thickness of the building insulation material, the foam glass should be calculated and determined according to the material and thickness of the outer wall base layer and the energy saving requirements of the outer wall. The foam glass exterior wall insulation structure can be combined with the external wall insulation structure of other organic materials as the insulation layer, and is used as a fire barrier to prevent the external wall from being burnt。