Building Decoration

Building Decoration

ZES provides professional solutions for building decoration including walls and roofs. We manufacture energy saving, waterproof, fireproof, thermal insulation, anti-leak and durable foam glass decoration panel to make people’s lives safe and comfortable.

R&D History

Established in 1988, ZES Insulation has been providing industrial products and technical services for petrochemical, LNG, electric power and metallurgy for over three decades. In recent years, we have noticed that the building material market is flooded with unsustainable and substandard products. In 2011, we started to conducting research and development in building decoration sector in the hope of strengthen the market and providing energy saving, green and sustainable products to consumers in China and abroad. After strenuous efforts and unwavering dedication of ZES people, from product development, equipment development to the construction of facilities and plants, we finally made it in 2015.

Product Performance

1.Green: Inorganic mineral raw materials, non-toxic, harmless and non-radiation.
2.Environment Friendly: The main raw material SiO₂ does not produce any harmful exhaust gas, waste water, waste residue during the production process.
3.Energy Saving:Thermal conductivity of foam glass decoration panel ≤0.042W/(m·K), and the correction factor is 1.05.
4.Fire-proof level: Level A.
5.Low Density: 11KG / m2 average weight (calculated based on 60mm thickness).
6.Wide range of operating temperature: -200℃~ 450℃
7.Low Linear Expansion Coefficient: 9*10-6, excellent stability.
8.High Strength: The compressive strength of foam glass can reach 2.5MPa, the average tensile strength of the system is ≥0.25Mpa, the bond strength of the adhesive is ≥1.6Mpa.
9.Closed-cell Structure: Mildew resistant, not affected by mice, white ants and other microorganisms.
10.Good Waterproof Performance: No water and moisture absorption, leakage prevention.
11.Long-lasting: The whole system is made from inorganic mineral SiO₂, which is un-oxidizable and extremely stable in natural state.

Service and Support

Our company provides integrated services such as project design, product manufacturing, assembly and construction, technical support, etc. We sincerely welcome all major players, engineering companies and agents to join us.

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