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Located in Wangdian Town, Xiuzhou district of Jiaxing, central to Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone, “ZES” was named National High-Tech Enterprise for its contribution to the region.

“ZES”is now a company with more than 30 years of history. In October 1988, founder and CEO Zhang Chunhua started an insulation material engineering team, and it was reorganized to Jiaxing Zhenhua Insulation Installation Co., Ltd. in Feb 1995. Later, the company was named Zhejiang Zhenhua Insulation Engineering Corp. Ltd. To accelerate its development and meet the rising demand of market, the branch company Jiaxing Zhenshen Insulation Material factory was born in November 1997, which is now Zhejiang Zhenshen Insulation Technology Corp. Ltd.

ZES has participated in formulating of many national industry standards, such as Cellular glass product for thermal insulation, Design code for insulation engineering of industrial equipment and pipe, Technical requirement for external cellular glass thermal insulating system on walls, General principles for thermal insulation technique of equipment and pipe, Method of measuring and evaluating thermal insulation effects for equipment and pipes.

ZES is the biggest cellular glass producer in Asia and the most competitive insulation contractor in China. For many years, ZES has kept a long-term relationship with major industrial players in China, covering more than half of the domestic market share of cold insulation. ZES is also playing actively in the global market, with its service to major oil & gas owners and EPC contractors worldwide.
Zhejiang Zhenhua Insulation Engineering Corp. Ltd. is a subsidiary company of ZES. It strives to provide the industry with best service and products. As a certified insulation contractor with a group of professional, dedicated engineering specialists, Zhenhua designs, installs, tests and provides one-stop solution for various projects.

ZES has been responding to the national strategic policy of industrial transformation and upgrading and the national calls of developing low carbon, energy-saving and emission reduction economy. We have successfully developed a new way of making cellular glass by using recycled glass. Featured with A1 fire resistance, anticorrosion, water-proof and long lifetime, “ZES Cellular Glass” had been listed on Policy for comprehensive utilization technology of China resource as an energy-saving and environment friendly product, and defined as “new material” by Notice of Industrial transformation and upgrading Plan (2011-2015) from State Council. It is a hazardless, green and energy-saving product and has excellent cold insulation performance under extreme working conditions. ZES provides the most precious product for national strategic energy reserve, LNG tanks and pipelines, LNG Carriers, petrochemical equipment, air separation facilities, desulfuration in power plant, building materials, underground engineering, etc. “ZES Cellular Glass” is becoming increasingly crucial to the development of national economy and green energy.

The company now can yearly produce building structure adhesive 100,000Ton, inorganic adhesive 200,000Ton, cellular glass 300,000 m³, rigid polyurethane (PUR) 100,000 m³, polyisocyanurate(PIR) 200,000 m³, high density PIR support 100,000 sets. We can also supply perlite insulation block and other accessories such as mastic, adhesive, sealant, etc. according to client’s requests. All products reach ASTM and CINI standards.

We have obtained ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO18001 certificates, and other qualifications certificates such as Anti-corrosion and Insulation Certificate, Classification Society Certificates and Safety Production License, etc.

Our trademarks “ZhenShen” and “ZES” have a good reputation in domestic and international markets, ZhenShen Cellular Glass is titled as Zhejiang Name Brand and Famous Trademark of Zhejiang.

ZES is one of the biggest cellular glass exporters in Asia. The trademark “ZES” is registered in thirty-two countries and regions, including USA, Japan, South Korea, Russia, India, EU, Middle East, Southeast Asia and more.


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