Chimney anticorrosion

Chimney Anticorrosion

At chimney anticorrosion field, ZES brings professional one-stop services to our clients, including engineering design, foam glass selection guide, construction supervision and guidance, engineering acceptance, etc.
ZES is one of the largest foam glass producers in the world. Its glass melting furnaces were designed by international top institute and the automatic production lines comply with ASTM standard. Thanks to the automatic control system of the entire production process (such as temperature control, measurement accuracy, process parameters, etc. ), its patented foam glass are recognized as stable and trustworthy by clients worldwide.

Project Design

A third-party monitoring agency, nominated by the owner, will supervise the progress, quality and safety during the construction and make an evaluation after completion.


We can supply borosilicate foam glass brick, insulation-180 acid-resistant glue, primer and auxiliary material plaster, fluorosilicone rubber, 316 stainless steel plate, etc. Among them, the insulation-180 acid-resistant adhesive is produced in South Korea. It is a co-developed product with South Korea Company Exena.

Energy Efficiency Evaluation

ZES will be the general contractor and provides all the required materials on site. The construction will be subcontracted to qualified companies in Yancheng, and we will send our specialists to guide the construction. We will evaluate from the aspects of project overview, quality control documents and qualifications, construction process control, perception quality, and project quality self-assessment, etc. ZES brings professional one-stop services to our clients in chimney anticorrosion, including engineering design, material selection, construction supervision and guidance, engineering acceptance, etc. ZES is committed to bring professional, exquisite and thorough service to our clients. We have established a perfect after-sale service system with a group of professional and dedicated technical support personnel.

We promise:
1. Respond within 24 hours after receiving after-sales notice. Personnel be dispatched within 48 hours, if necessary. (on call 24/7)
2. If any quality issues occur within the warranty period, we will response immediately and bear the related costs.
3. If the quality issues caused by improper operation (not our fault) during the warranty period, we will arrange immediate response and bear the expenses except material costs.

Structure Drawing