Cangzhou detachment concentrated on the renovation of external thermal insulation materials to prevent hidden dangers

Editor:Zhejiang Zhenshen Insulation Technology Corp. Ltd. │ Release Time:2019-03-04 
  In order to effectively carry out the fire prevention supervision and management of civil building insulation materials, and to ensure the source of fire prevention and control, the fire departments of Zhangzhou have taken the opportunity of “doing non-treatment violations” as an opportunity to conduct centralized inspections and find out that the region is flammable and flammable. The base of the construction project of thermal insulation materials for walls, supervising and guiding the units to implement the rectification。
  The special action focused on renovating the building exterior wall insulation material is not tightly sealed, the protective layer is detached and cracked, and the insulation material is exposed; on the outer wall with insulation layer, high-temperature electrical equipment such as billboards and light boxes are installed, and the building is flammable. Combustible items, fireworks and firecrackers; unit fire safety management responsibility is not implemented, there is no clear fire management responsibility, management personnel; construction fire protection facilities lack maintenance, can not operate normally and other fire safety hazards. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the special rectification work, the detachment issued an action plan to clarify the specific duties and tasks. If the external wall insulation materials are not tightly sealed, the protective layer falls off and cracks, and the insulation materials are exposed, the construction department is responsible for the rectification; On the outer wall with insulation layer, high-temperature electrical equipment such as billboards and light boxes are installed, flammable and combustible materials are piled up around the building, fireworks and firecrackers are fired, and the fire safety management responsibility of the unit is not implemented. The fire protection facilities cannot be operated normally. Take the lead, all relevant departments and units are responsible for implementation.
  Yufu District, Fanzhi, Hequ, Baode Fire Brigade, joint security supervision, quality supervision, industry and commerce and other functional departments have successively conducted in-depth investigation and remediation of construction sites under construction, and construction external thermal insulation systems for construction in progress, especially in crowded places. And the exterior wall decoration fire protection design was thoroughly inspected. The original Pingping, Dingxiang and Ningwu Brigade fully mobilized the enthusiasm of fire prevention propaganda of various news media, carried out public welfare propaganda, incorporated the fire safety centralized rectification action of construction in progress into the key content of fire propaganda, widely mobilized the masses, and strengthened citizens' awareness of reporting and reporting. The whole society has formed a good atmosphere of supervision and prevention。
  The fire brigade of the city and the construction administrative department have cooperated to carry out the fire safety rectification of the building exterior wall insulation materials in the jurisdiction, and formed a fire safety “fighting violations” storm. Next, the detachment will also jointly carry out various functional departments to develop the shopping mall market and hotels. Special actions such as hotels, public entertainment venues, "three-in-one" places, rental houses, high-rise underground buildings, construction projects, tourist attractions, etc., strengthen joint law enforcement, comprehensively investigate, crack down on fire-fighting violations, and resolutely eliminate all kinds of fire hazards We will go all out to ensure that the fire situation in Zhangzhou continues to be stable.