System composition of foam glass insulation board and its application in building energy conservation

Editor:Zhejiang Zhenshen Insulation Technology Corp. Ltd. │ Release Time:2019-03-04 

  【zhenshen】The basic structural level of the foam glass exterior insulation system should be from the inside to the outside: the bonding layer, the foam glass insulation layer, the protective layer and the facing layer, wherein the plaster layer is mainly used for leveling the wall base layer, which can ensure The foam glass is firmly adhered to the wall, and the protective layer is mainly for protecting the firmness of the intensive insulation system and preventing water seepage.。

  The thickness of the foam glass insulation layer shall be determined according to the material and thickness of the outer wall base layer and the energy saving requirements of the outer wall. The foam glass exterior wall insulation structure can be combined with the external wall insulation structure of other organic materials as the insulation layer, and is used as a fire barrier to prevent the external wall from being burnt.。

  First, the application of foam glass in the field of building energy conservation

  1. Building roof insulation. Foam glass is used in building roof insulation structure. There are three main forms: upright roof, inverted roof and inclined roof. Inverted roofs can be used for greening, planting flowers and plants; or for roof sports and other use roofs. Foam glass is easy to combine with other inorganic materials, easy to construct, and waterproof, fireproof and heat preservation effect is better. , foam glass insulation layer, crack-resistant mortar leveling layer, alkali-resistant glass fiber mesh cloth or four-corner steel mesh cracking mortar insulation layer, and finishing layer composition.

  2, building insulation materials Foam glass as a wall insulation material, can effectively reduce the thickness of the wall, reduce the weight of the building structure, expand the use of area. The exterior wall insulation structure of the foam glass is used. First, the polymer glass mortar is used to paste the foam glass on the outer surface of the outer wall; secondly, the surface of the foam glass is coated with a mortar layer or a ceramic tile layer.

  3, foam glass outer insulation and construction technology foam glass exterior insulation technology using a special adhesive, the foam glass is bonded to the base wall, the surface layer is treated with crack-resistant mortar for leveling, the facing layer is coated with paint or tile The form is decorated to improve the fireproof performance and thermal insulation performance of the building's outer protective structure as a whole, especially for high-rise residential buildings and public buildings with high fire protection requirements. The technical system proves its practical application significance.

  The foam glass exterior insulation technology construction system consists of a foam glass bonding layer, a foam glass insulation layer, a crack-resistant mortar leveling layer, an alkali-resistant glass fiber mesh cloth or a four-corner steel mesh cracking mortar insulation layer, and a finishing layer.