Innovation is not a mysterious thing, it is to help customers solve problems.

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Southern News Network (Reporter Ma Jin) "The most lacking of intellectuals entrepreneurship is the capital", "Innovation should be done with a little bit of face, with small and big." ... April 14th, the city's innovative economy and "Talent Zone" construction training course On the other hand, Guo Hongxin, the chairman of Zhongsheng Group, gave a wonderful report to the students with the title of “Small Innovation, Big Integration, Leading Enterprise Development”.

Entrepreneurial elements: I, the Bank, the capital

In 1997, Guo Hongxin resigned from Nanjing University of Technology and co-founded Nanjing Shengnuo Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. with several friends. "At the time, the most lacking intellectuals for entrepreneurship was the capital. Unlike now, the government helps coaching training and helps to absorb costs." Guo Hongxin said that despite the big problem of funding, he always believed that "having a skill and walking." Throughout the world, using the technology in hand, participated in a series of technological transformation and innovation of state-owned enterprises, and dug up the "first barrel of gold."

“Entrepreneurial factors include myself, the Bank, and the capital. Therefore, government departments must focus on introducing talents, technology, and capital.” Guo Hongxin said that today’s entrepreneurial innovation must be high-end and compelling, which means high cost and High risk, once it fails, it will say that technology talents are not good. “I have been teaching at the university for 15 years. I know that professors are very respected and very free in college. Once they leave school to start a business, from business registration to marketing, all things have to be asked, and they have to bear the failure. Risk. Therefore, when some difficulties were encountered, some people retracted, and one person retracted, and a group of people retracted." Guo Hongxin believes that to encourage university professors to start a business, the government departments first need to analyze and solve the above problems.

Innovation is not a mysterious thing, it is to help customers solve problems.

With the world's leading patented technology for low-temperature hot rods, during the construction of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, Zhongsheng Group successfully solved the problem of melting and subsiding the plateau frozen soil roadbed and became famous. Looking back at the experience at the time, Guo Hongxin's understanding of innovation is very simple: "Innovation is not a mysterious thing, it is to help customers solve problems."

"In 2002, I saw in the TV program that a deputy minister of the Ministry of Railways was talking about the frozen soil problem in the no-man's land of Hoh Xil. The geology of the no-man's land was unstable at high temperatures, and the frozen soil in the summer melted. Deformation. It was a worldwide problem at the time." Guo Hongxin said that he has been working on heat pipe technology research in college and felt that he could solve this problem. "I didn't sleep all night, drew a drawing, wrote a letter, and sent it to the Ministry of Railways."

A week later, Guo Hongxin took the information to Beijing to reply to the expert group. “That’s 20 minutes, they recognized it.” Subsequently, Guo Hongxin organized scientific and technical personnel to invest in technical research and developed a national patent product “with central temperature measuring tube”. Low-temperature hot rods, and special anti-corrosion treatment, the service life can reach more than 30 years. The hot rod burying technology effectively solves the problem of submerged sinking in the permafrost region in summer, which can save more than 30 million yuan per kilometer than the bridge-based road. The total investment of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway has saved more than 1 billion yuan. Damage to frozen soil ecological environment and resources by man-made engineering activities such as surface excavation, vegetation removal, and embankment borrowing。

Innovation goal: to be better and stronger, to become an industry champion

“The scientific research achievements of colleges and universities strive to be theoretically perfect, which points out the direction for product research and development; enterprise innovation, to make the perfect theory adapt to the needs of the market, this is the most effective transformation mode of scientific and technological achievements.” Guo Hongxin said that more than 10 years of entrepreneurship The experience made him understand that the goal of innovation should be to be more sophisticated, build a brand and become an industry champion.

In 1997, a small company with only seven people was successfully listed in Singapore eight years later. Today, it has more than 1,700 employees and annual sales of 2 billion yuan. Guo Hongxin said, "For more than 10 years, the company has been committed to the development model of science and technology innovation enterprises with independent innovation and production, education and research." The petrochemical enterprise is the world of pipe networks, and various pipes are interwoven into a network. On the long-distance transfer line, 40% of the energy is lost through the ordinary tube holder. In order to solve the problem, Guo Hongxin and his team have created a number of patented products with high-quality adiabatic sliding tube support and ultra-low temperature cooling tube support through the digestion and absorption of foreign advanced cold insulation and insulation tube support technology. "High-pressure, ultra-high-pressure vibration-damping pipe support" replaces imported products with the same efficiency and lower price, saving nearly 10 million US dollars of foreign exchange for the country every year. "Innovation should be carried out with a little bit of a face and a small size to drive the development of the entire industry." Guo Hongxin said.