Foam glass welcomes rare opportunities for development

Editor:Zhejiang Zhenshen Insulation Technology Corp. Ltd. │ Release Time:2019-03-04 
 Foam glass ushered in a rare opportunity for development. Among inorganic thermal insulation materials, expanded perlite (vitrified microbeads) products have weak thermal insulation properties, which are difficult to meet the requirements of three-step energy conservation in the northern region; rock wool, glass wool and other materials, although inorganic Insulation, but the production energy consumption is high. At the same time, due to the characteristics of the fibrous material, the waterproof requirement of the whole insulation system is very high, otherwise it is difficult to maintain the insulation effect. The newly-recognized foam cement is only in the laboratory stage, the product performance is not stable enough, the product with low density has good insulation performance, but the water absorption rate is high; the product with high density has good performance in all aspects, but the heat preservation performance is down again. Therefore, it is difficult to make a big breakthrough in industrialization in a short period of time.
  In contrast, only foam glass is more suitable for exterior wall insulation materials, but currently only one company in Lanzhou Pengfei Thermal Insulation Co., Ltd. is supplying products in the northwest region, and it is difficult to meet market needs at once. Therefore, improving foam glass process, technology and quality, increasing varieties, opening up multi-field application markets, and implementing large-scale production are rare opportunities for the development of foam glass. Introducing advanced technology as soon as possible and establishing a large-scale modern industrial production line can not only step into the international forefront, but also become a leading enterprise in the industry, become an industry model, form our own international brand of foam glass, and quickly occupy the domestic and foreign markets.
  It seems that to solve the development problems of building thermal insulation, we can only consider the way of the industrial chain. By constructing an industrial chain system based on inorganic insulation, we can effectively meet various needs. The formation of a spatial industrial chain is not something that enterprises can control. It must be supported by the local government, comprehensively planned, effectively organized, promote industrial integration and optimization, enlarge the main body, and promote the supporting facilities to form a western regional building. A new force in the thermal insulation industry.