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ZES25 Tow- component Inorganic Adhesive for Duel Temperature Insulation

product description

ZES25 is a two-component inorganic adhesive for both high    and low temperature, made from inorganic reinforcing powder, mineral, curing agent, additives, etc.



(1)Color: ZES 25-A, ash black powder

           ZES 25-B, translucent gel

(2)Density: 800~900kg/m3

(3)Adhesive Strength: >0.1MPa(20℃ )

(4)Low Temperature resistance : -196℃×3h,no cracking or flaking

     High Temperature resistance: +800℃×3h,no flowing or flaking


Product Application

It is mainly used to bond insulation materials (eg cellular glass, PUR and PIR), with a wide service temperature range. Well mix A and B parts before use.


Packing and Storage

(1) ZES 25-A: Packed in woven bags of 20kg each; ZES25-B: Packed in plastic drums of 20kg each.

(2) Store at room temperature and protect from lights.


Application and Cautions

(1) Mix ratio 13:7(A:B, by weight), apply the mixture with trowel.

(2) Stir well, blend only the amount which can be applied within 2 hours.

(3) Use up within 24h after opening, keep container sealed when not in use.

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