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Rigid Polyurethane Foam PUR

product description

Rigid PUR is a new thermal insulation material, with a high percentage of close area and low water absorption. The main raw materials are polyether/polyester and isocyanate, the additives contain flame retardants, stability and foaming agents. The gas in the closed cells come from the reaction of foaming agent, which makes PUR self-extinguishing. It’s often used as insulation in low temperature.


Physical Property


Technical   Data

Testing   Method

Core Density



GB/T 6343

Thermal Conductivity at Ambient Temperature


≤ 0.023

GB/T 10294

Compressive Strength



GB/T 8813

Tensile Strength



GB/T 9641

Water Absorption by Vol


≤ 5

GB/T 8810

Oxygen Index


≥ 26

GB/T 2406.2

≥ 30

Service Tem


Product Application

It is a low thermal conductivity, high strength, light weight, soundproofing, anti-vibration, isolating, floating, stable product, and easy to install. It’s wildly used in petroleum, chemical, ethylene industries, as well as in cold storage, refrigerators and buildings. PUR can be produced into different shape segments in workshop and it also can be foamed on site.


Packing and Storage

  (1) Strapping Packing, special packing is available on request.

  (2) Store in dry, ventilated place, keep away from light.


Application and Cautions

(1) Rigid PUR Foam shall be handled gently, and avoid rolling, collision and heavy pressure during moving.

(2) When applied to pipe and equipment insulation, fasten with steel bands.

(3) Cut it with saw during application

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