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ZES 22 Sealant

product description

ZES 22 Sealant is a flexible, low solvent content thick paste. It is comprised of macromolecular resin, has good sealing performance in low temperature.


(1) Appearance: High viscosity paste in brown color

(2) Avg. Density: 1100±100kg/m3

(3) Non-volatile: >70%

(4) Low Temperature  Resistance:  No visual abnormality after being soaked in liquid nitrogen (-196℃ ) for 72 hours.

(5) High Temperature Resistance: No visual abnormality after being placed in the 60℃ for 168 hours.

(6) Service Temp.:-196℃~+80℃



It is mainly used as the adhesive or sealant in the joints of cellular glass and PUR. It remains flexible in low temperature  conditions.


Packing and Storage

(1) Packed in iron drums of 20kg each;

(2) Stored in ambient temperature;

(3) Use up within 24h after opening, keep container sealed when not in use.


Application and Cautions

(1) Application:Apply ZES 22 to the abutting surface by trowel.

(2) The product may skin after long time exposed in high temperature conditions, or after long time sealed storage. Skinning will not affect the performances and the product under the skin can be used.

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PDF download:ZES 22 Sealant.pdf