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ZES 84 Anti-abrasive Agent for Cryogenic Insulation

product description

ZES anti-wear agent is a solvent-based gray-white flexible thick paste, which is mainly used between foam glass and insulated surface to prevent friction from damaging the foam glass cold insulation layer.


(1) Appearance: Thick gray jelly;

(2) Avg. Density: 1400~1450 kg/m3;

(3) Heat Resistance: No flowing or bubble after 5h at 100℃;

(4) Frost Resistance: No flowing or color change after 2h in liquid nitrogen (-196℃);

(5) Adhesive Strength (25℃, 50% RH): Getting dried in 60min, and no peeling off scrapped by fingernail after 6h;

(6) Service Temperature: -196℃~100℃。


Product Application

It is mainly applied between cellular glass and insulated surface, to protect the insulation system from abrasion.


Packing and Storage

(1) Packed in iron drums of 25kg each;

(2) Use up within 24h, keep container sealed when not in use; 

(3) Store at room temperature and protect from light.


Application and Cautions

(1) Application: Brush or spray;

(2) Precipitation can be found after long term storage, that will not affect the performance. Stir well before use.

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