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ZES23 Adhesive

product description

ZES23 Adhesive is a special adhesive for cryogenic insulation. The base component is asphalt. By adding solvent, resin, the product keep flexible and has good bonding performance in cryogenic condition, used for cellular glass and PUR insulation.


  (1) Color: Black

  (2) Density: 950~1050kg/m3

  (3) Adhesive Strength: >0.5Mpa (at ambient temperature)

  (4) Softening Point: >80℃ (ring and ball method)

  (5) Flash Point: > 245℃(open cup)

  (6) Molding Temperature: 180~200℃

  (7) Service Temperature: -196~+60℃


Product Application

  It is used to bond insulation materials, such as cellular glass, PUR and PIR.


Packing and Storage

  (1) Packed in woven bags of 25kg/each;

  (2) Store in indoor condition and protect from light.


Application and Cautions

(1) Heat it to 180°C~200°C, apply the melting product on the surface of insulation material with trowel or equipment. Press insulation material on to the pipe/equipment when the adhesive is hot. After cooling down, strike off the excess adhesive squeezed out from the seal. Apply adhesive smoothly onto the surface and make sure there is no gap after bonding.

(2) Melt adhesive according to use, strictly control the heating time and temperature. The smoke color can help estimate the temperature: yellow smoke means it is closed to ignition point.

(3) Wear PPE during operation.

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