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ZES Super Adhesive

product description

ZES super adhesive is waterproof, alkali-resistant, strong adhesion of polymer materials, composed of alkali-resistant resin, wear-resistant filler, solvent, additives, without pungent odor, toxicity, it can be applied under  room temperature. The  brushing and spraying are very convenient. After solvent (or water) is volatilizing, the polymer and filler in ZES supper adhesive will penetrate into the cellof base layer to block the cell of base surface, so that the base surface has a good waterproof performance, it also can prevent saltpetering or nonuniform color distribution due to moisture migration, also it can increase adhesive force between main coating and base surface to avoid peeling and loosing phenomenon

Product properties and technical data

ZES super adhesive complies with all index of exterior wall primer typeⅡ in JG/T 210-2007 Primer for Interior and Exterior Wall

Technical data



Condition in container

No caking, uniform distribution after stirring


No obstacle to brush and apply

Stability at low temperature


Coating application appearance


Drying time(surface dry)

≤ 2 hour

Water resistance

96h no abnormality

Alkali resistance

48h no abnormality

Adhesive force /grade


Water permeability /ML


Saltpetering resistance

48h no abnormality

Salt resistance

72h no abnormality

Product application

ZES super adhesive is applied to exterior wall decoration system, generally provide support use with main coating.

Packing and storage

1)、Barrel packing, 25kg/barrel;

2)、Stored in light protection, ambient temperature and sealing condition;

3)、Stacking not more than 3 layers;

4)、Guarantee period 12 months.

Application and cautions

1)、Applying at ambient temperature of 10-35 ℃ is applicable, to avoid outdoor use during heavy snow, rain, wind and other adverse weather

2)、No smoking and fire during construction.

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