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ZES Color stone coating

product description

ZES color stone coating is a kind of coating which has the same decoration effect like marble, granite, mainly made from colorful natural stone powder, used in building facades imitation stone effect. The buildings decorated by ZES Color stone coating posses natural and real color, give people aesthetic feeling of elegance, harmony, solemnity, suitable for all kinds of building indoor and outdoor decoration. Especially the decoration on curved surface building, it can create vivid, natural effect. ZES color stone coating is characterized by fireproofing, waterproofing, acid and alkali resistance, pollution resistance. It is Non-toxic ,no smelly, strong adhesion, no color fading and other advantages, it can prevent erosion from the severe environment, and extend the  building life. Since ZES color stone coating has good adhesion and freeze-thaw resistance , it’s suitable for use in cold areas as well.

Product properties and technical index

ZES color stone coating complies with all index of external use in JG24-2000 “Sand Textured Building Coating Based on Synthetic Resin Emulsion

Properties and Index of ZES Color Stone Coating



Condition in container

No lump after stirring, uniform distribution


No difficulty for spraying

Stability for low temperature enviorement

After 3 tests, no caking , condensation or composition change

Stability for  high temperature

After one-month tests, no caking, mildew or composition change

Cracking resistance for dry

No cracking

Drying time (surface dry)

≤ 4 hour

Water resistance

After 96h, no swell, crack, peel, compared with non-soaking part, slight color change  is allowed

Alkali resistance

After 96h, no swell, crack, peel, compared with non-soaking part, slight color change is allowed

Resistance to shock

No crack, peel or obvious deformation of coating

Temperature resistance variable of coating

After 10 times, no pulverization, crack, peel, swell, compared with standard board, slight color change is allowed

Stain resistance

After 5 times of cycle test, ≤grade 2

Adhesive strength





Artificial aging resistance

After 500h , no crack, peeling, swell, pulverization, color change≤grade 0


Product application

Applicable for indoor and outdoor decoration of various buildings

Packing and storage

1)、Barrel packing, 25kg/barrel;

2)、Stored in light protection, ambient temperature and sealing condition;

3)、Stacking less than 3 layers;

4)、Guarantee period 12 months.

Application and cautions

1)、It needs to stir evenly, alternatively add 5% -10% of water before use.  It is strictly prohibited to add more water during application

2)、spraying or scraping at ambient temperature of 10-35 ℃ is applicable, if variable spraying or scraping is used, every two times should have time interval more than 4 hours;

3)、Material being stirred shall be used up within 8 hours, materials mixed with water can’t pour back, unused but opened raw materials need to be sealed in time;

4)、To avoid outdoor use during heavy  snow, rain, wind or other bad weather.

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