The polyurethane rigid foam development forum was held in Beijing, and the new wall insulation materials will also have the opportunity to develop. Polyurethane Rigid Foam Development Forum Held in Beijing

Editor:浙江振申绝热科技股份有限公司 │ Release Time:2019-03-04 

       The 2012 Polyurethane Rigid Bubble Development Forum, hosted by the China Plastics Processing Industry Association Polyurethane Products Committee, was held in Beijing on May 9-11. The forum discussed in depth the new regulations on energy conservation and emission reduction and fire safety, as well as the elimination of 141b foaming agents.

  In recent years, the consumption growth rate of polyurethane rigid foam has been higher than the growth rate of the national economy. In the future, with the in-depth promotion of national energy conservation and emission reduction policies and the transformation of urban heating networks and the increase in urban residential area, the polyurethane foam for thermal insulation will maintain its growth trend.

  However, several major fires related to polyurethanes in recent years have made the application of polyurethane foams in the field of building insulation materials controversial. The fire management department and the construction management department have successively issued relevant regulations, and made new regulations on the flame retardant properties of the insulation materials. In addition, the polyurethane foam glass rigid foam industry is also facing the heavy responsibility of completely eliminating 141b foaming agent.

    In order to help enterprises fully understand the impact of national industrial policies, regulations and standards on the application of polyurethane rigid foam, this forum invited relevant government officials and industry experts to interpret national industrial policies for polyurethane industry enterprises, introduce new technologies for industry development, and develop for enterprises. The goal is to clear the way of thinking.