Polyurethane industry chain profit is squeezed due to rising oil prices

Editor:浙江振申绝热科技股份有限公司 │ Release Time:2019-03-04 

 The National Development and Reform Commission has again raised the price of refined oil products since March 20. Affected by the rise in oil prices, the petrochemical-related sectors on the plate rose yesterday, but the chemical fiber industry, which uses petroleum as a raw material, suffered a blow and the disk performance was weak. Analysts pointed out that under the conditions of high raw material costs and weak downstream demand, the chemical chemical fiber industry is facing more and more difficulties.

    The upstream of the polyurethane industry chain mainly includes bulk raw materials such as petroleum, coal and natural gas, and the downstream is for consumer-grade chemicals such as home appliances, building insulation, textiles, clothing, shoes and hats, and adhesives. The main products in the industrial chain include MDI, propylene oxide, methyl ethyl ketone, BDO and the like. According to CITIC Jiantou, most of the products in the polyurethane industry chain have strong characteristics of fine chemicals, and the output is relatively small. It is in a state of in short supply, serving emerging or consumer industries, and has a large demand growth space. Driven by the industry cycle of downstream automobiles and home appliances, the upward trend of the polyurethane industry chain industry remains unchanged.