Class B building insulation materials flood the market due to insufficient supervision

Editor:Zhejiang Zhenshen Insulation Technology Corp. Ltd. │ Release Time:2019-03-04 

 It is understood that due to the fact that China's external wall insulation technology failed to meet strict fire protection standards at the beginning of promotion, a large number of low-end building insulation materials production capacity has been blindly developed, and low-priced and inferior products have flooded the market, and the entire industry is at a low level. The existing low-end production capacity is collectively in a wait-and-see state, and even hinders the introduction and unification of national standards for various reasons, resulting in the backward production capacity cannot be withdrawn from the market in an orderly manner, and high-end production capacity cannot be developed in a sound manner. The lack of national compulsory standards has led to the flammable and combustible materials that should not enter the market to participate in market competition and occupy the advantages of price, and the market has entered a "vicious circle" of disorderly competition.

  The reporter learned from the investigation of the building materials market business that the B-level building insulation materials are generally sold at present, and the A-grade materials are not in stock. If necessary, they must be booked in advance. In addition, the market material supplier provides quotation shows that B1, B2 insulation board is about 95 yuan per square meter; and A grade insulation material depends on what type, for example, rock wool is several hundred yuan per square, STP is 100 per square. Yuan or so. Therefore, most real estate contractors still use this Class B combustible insulation material in order to find the maximum profit margin in the project that the developer has contracted.

  In addition, the intensity of supervision should be further strengthened. During the fire protection design review of the construction project and the spot check of the fire protection design, the design of the external wall insulation system must be reviewed. Strengthen the inspection of the site during the construction process, strengthen the on-site inspection at the stage of fire inspection and completion inspection and registration, and ensure that nothing is lost.