Bayer launches outdoor polyurethane gel coat products

Editor:Zhejiang Zhenshen Insulation Technology Corp. Ltd. │ Release Time:2019-03-04 

Gel coat is a pigmented thixotropic product developed by the addition of pigments and thixotropic agents such as pigments and thixotropic agents to unsaturated polyester (UP). It is often used in transportation, marine and wind power generation. Wait for outdoor products. Today, Bayer MaterialScience's polyurethane gel coats are safer and more environmentally friendly than traditional styrene and unsaturated resin gel coats.。

Bayer MaterialScience's polyurethane trading uses Desmophen® NH and Desmodur® N technology to provide excellent weatherability, impact and abrasion resistance, as well as cure speed through formulation. In addition, polyurethane gel coats uniquely improve crack resistance and optimize the molding process。

According to Dr. Ed Squiller, Director of Business Development, Bayer MaterialScience, the customizable cure speed and superior weatherability of foam glass enable polyurethane adhesives to be applied to wind turbine blades, cars and heavy trucks.。