Foam glass material insulation method in summer

Editor:Zhejiang Zhenshen Insulation Technology Corp. Ltd. │ Release Time:2019-03-04 

In recent summer, the temperature is getting higher and higher. If the building materials in the house do not have the insulation of the foam glass insulation material, the hot wall in the room will feel hot or live on the top floor. There is no heat insulation on the terrace. Insulation should be done on the wall or ceiling where the insulation is required in the room. The general approach is as follows:

Foam glass is used for wall insulation, instead of red bricks, thinning the thickness of the wall, saving energy is second to none, and indirectly expanding the building area and reducing the building's own weight. It is pasted with ordinary cement mortar or polymer cement mortar during construction, and the adhesion is strong. For exterior wall coating, just apply a layer of cement mortar to level the foam glass layer. If colored foam glass is used, the foam glass can be cut into a certain size and directly pasted with polymer cement mortar.

Use foam glass insulation bricks, stick it on the wall or ceiling with adhesive, flatten the outside, and then decorate the paint. Wood wool board can also be used as insulation layer. Wood wool board was originally used as a sound absorbing material and can often be seen on the walls of theaters and cinemas. However, this kind of material is more expensive, and it is more suitable if the room in the home needs to take care of insulation and sound absorption. Or keel on the wall, filled with building insulation such as mineral wool, covered with gypsum board. This practice requires tight coverage to prevent dust from leaking out.