Take the road of scientific and technological innovation, create a national enterprise brand - Zhejiang Zhenshenjian refers to the civil construction field

Editor:Zhejiang Zhenshen Insulation Technology Corp. Ltd. │ Release Time:2019-03-04 


Nowadays, Zhejiang Zhenshen Thermal Insulation Technology Co., Ltd., as the main production base of foam glass in Asia, has a leading market share of foam glass. The foam glass produced meets the American ASTM standard. It can be said that the foam glass produced by Zhejiang Zhenshen is of high quality in China. Foam glass. To achieve such an achievement, it is inseparable from Zhenshen Company's focus on talent cultivation, emphasis on technology research and development, and the path of technological innovation.

Through technological innovation, from the construction industry to the subway, petrochemical, and then to the LNG project, Zhejiang Zhenshen Thermal Insulation Technology Co., Ltd. is emerging from the traditional foam glass production field and has become a leading company in the industry.

At present, Zhejiang Zhenshen has hired domestic and foreign experts and enterprise technicians to form a technical research team, and has made new adjustments to process design, raw material ratio, roasting equipment, etc., researching and developing high-performance foam glass, which is newly built with the help of technological innovation. The production line has become the leader in foam glass production in Asia.

Zhejiang Zhenshen's foam glass is a high-quality building energy-saving insulation material

    In many countries in Europe and America, foam glass has been widely used in civil buildings. Corning, Pittsburgh, the world's largest manufacturer of foam glass, has an annual total of 1 million cubic meters, 80% of which is used in civil buildings. In Europe, after long-term observations on many buildings, the samples taken from the building after 50 years of use of the foam glass, the thermal conductivity, compressive strength, dimensional stability, water absorption and other indicators will not decline. Will not age. Therefore, foam glass is used as a thermal insulation material in landmark buildings in many European countries. Foam glass is a hard inorganic product. Foam glass has good fire resistance, high compressive strength, small thermal conductivity and good dimensional stability. Because foam glass is 100% closed-cell structure, it is waterproof, leak-proof, and waterproof vapor-permeable. The material is not aging, does not absorb water, and various materials. Performance is not declining. The foam glass produced by Zhejiang Zhenshen meets the ASTM standard. Similarly, the foam glass produced by Zhenshen fully meets the requirements of building materials.

Zhejiang Zhenshen will step into the military and civilian construction market

    In the face of a high-rise building fire, Zhejiang Zhenshen Chairman and General Manager Zhang Chunhua issued such a sigh: there have been so many safety accidents in the construction market. As a private enterprise, we have insulation, energy saving, durability, fire prevention and stability. Good materials, I must promote the foam glass to the civilian construction market, so that the construction party, the purchaser, the resident, and the management party can be assured, assured, and at ease. It is no longer a dilemma for building energy efficiency and fire safety. After years of research and development, Zhejiang Zhenshen's foam glass technical indicators have been greatly better than the national industry standards, in line with the US ASTM standards, it can be said that Zhen Shen is currently the only foam glass manufacturer in Asia that meets international standards. The series of advantages of foam glass produced by Zhejiang Zhenshen has been fully verified in the petrochemical and power fields.

Breaking foreign technology monopoly and establishing national enterprise brand

    Zhejiang Zhenshen Thermal Insulation Technology Co., Ltd. uses the broken glass recovered from construction waste, and is made into foam glass by washing, drying, grinding, foaming, etc. This lightweight high-tech product has been introduced, and the high-performance foam glass has been changed in one fell swoop. Production technology has long been monopolized by foreign companies. As the helm of Zhejiang Zhenshen, Zhang Chunhua knows that in this industry, it is the only way to achieve stable and sustained growth, improve the technological content of products, and ensure product quality. From 2001, it was decided to put into production foam glass. By 2005, Zhejiang Zhenshen had carried out three large-scale technical reforms. Zhang Chunhua even went to the workshop to guide the technical reform. Among them, nine technical transformations were made to the production line in one year. Feat. It is with this awareness that Zhejiang Zhenshen has achieved rapid development in the past five years.

    Not only that, Zhejiang Zhenshen Company, which has grown stronger and stronger, has become a purchasing member of several major central enterprises by relying on high-quality and low-cost tools. It has begun to focus on the future global development strategy, based on the Yangtze River Delta and facing the global revival, The technology and brand to promote the development of national industry" as the goal of enterprise development, will also play an active role in the expansion of foam glass into the civil construction field and promote the next "industrial revolution."