New choice of wall materials, new foam glass insulation

Editor:浙江振申绝热科技股份有限公司Zhejiang Zhenshen Insulation Technology Corp. Ltd. │ Release Time:2019-03-04 

New choice of wall materials New foam glass insulation. You have seen foam glass like rice cake, which is even lighter than biscuits. It is such a material. When building a house, it can be used in the wall to provide heat insulation.

Through expert explanations, the author has learned that the use of building energy-saving materials, including exterior wall insulation materials, will make a qualitative change in our lives. These materials are already being produced and applied. For example, foam glass produced locally in Guangxi, in addition to local applications, some have been exported to foreign markets such as Canada and South Korea.

Foam glass insulation is suitable for wall materials. Don't underestimate this foam glass. It also has the characteristics of imperviousness, non-absorption, non-combustion and aging resistance. Because of its light weight and easy cutting, the foam glass displayed in the laboratory is square, some arched, some like soap, and some like pillows. ‘And its sound absorption function is good, it can be used as a sound absorbing material for the ceiling. Huang engineer said. It is understood that Guangxi has been producing this material for a long time, and has the national advanced foam glass production equipment, and the products have been sold to foreign markets.

Foam glass insulation is used in wall materials to meet our key energy-saving technology laboratory, mainly for testing. ‘The Yellow Engineer introduced,’ you look at this device and put the exterior insulation material inside to test for about 28 days, which is equivalent to 25 years under normal circumstances. ‘The installation of Huang’s engineer looks like a steel house of seven or eight square meters, which can simulate climate changes such as high temperature exposure and sudden downpour, to test the weather resistance of exterior wall insulation materials.