Polyurethane raw material prices are on the rise, and glyphosate is falling.

Editor:Zhejiang Zhenshen Insulation Technology Corp. Ltd. │ Release Time:2019-03-04 

Polyurethane raw material prices showed an upward trend. Glyphosate stopped falling and the chemical sector market performance: The overall decline of the chemical sector last week was 3.2%, weaker than the market. From the trend of the chemical sector last week, the top three gainers were spandex, textile chemicals and other chemical raw materials. The sectors with large declines were synthetic leather, modified plastics and other chemical products. In terms of the ranking of the decline, the top three gainers were the shareholder of the spandex segment [6.95 -0.14% stocks research report], an increase of 13.36%, followed by Hunan Haili [0.00 0.00% stocks research report] (11.04%), Xiqiao Chemical [11.91 -0.58% stocks research report] (9.56%), the top losers are Annoqi [9.00 0.00% stocks research report] (-18.91%), Baichuan shares [11.62 -0.94% stocks research report] (-14.85%), ST Nanhua [3.92 0.26% share research report] (-14.17%)。

      The price of chemical products: falling more and less, domestic urea prices remain strong. From the last week's changes in the prices of 153 chemical products we tracked, there were 33 kinds of rises, 52 kinds of declines, and 68 cases of no change. The highest increase was dimethyl ether-Henan (9.76%) and phenol. - East China (7.08%), NYMEX natural gas-futures (5.66%), methyl ethyl ketone-East China (5.00%); the larger declines were dichloromethane-East China (-10.00%), acrylonitrile-East China (-8.33%), Trichloroethylene-Huadong (-7.23%); from the trend of representative products, domestic and international urea prices remain strong, the price of foreign diammonium phosphate continues to rise, domestic liquid chlorine prices are in a downward channel, and acrylonitrile-East China prices continue Fall。

      Chemical sub-industry dynamics: 1) Petrochemical: crude oil prices remain high and fluctuating; 2) chlor-alkali: mainly stable; 3) chemical fertilizer & phosphorus chemical: urea prices rise steadily, phosphate ore prices are firm; 4) pesticides: Glyphosate stopped falling slightly; 5) Chemical fiber: viscose rose steadily, spandex stopped falling or rebounded; 6) Polyurethane: methyl ethyl ketone, MDI, TDI showed an upward trend; 7) coal chemical: carbon black prices remained stable; 8) Fluorine workers: low refrigerant prices。

      Investment suggestion: We believe that the investment theme of the chemical industry will focus on performance and prosperity. It is recommended that the first one is the company with better growth in the performance of the China Daily: Jianfeng Chemical [5.69 -0.18% stocks research report], Jiangnan Chemical [13.17 -0.15% stocks research report], Lianhua Technology [15.62 0.00% stocks research report Second, the industry's prosperity is at a low point, there are pesticide companies with improved expectations: Yangnong Chemical [18.46 -0.22% stocks research report], Changqing shares [15.14 0.00% stocks research report]。

      Risk warning: economic growth slowed more than expected; sub-sectors rebounded less than expected。