Zhang Chunhua: Leading foam glass industry

Editor:Zhejiang Zhenshen Thermal Technology Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2019-03-04 


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Business to grow strong, and without innovation. With their own technology and brand to promote the development of national industry. This is the chairman and general manager of Zhejiang zhenshen insulation Technology Co., Ltd. Zhang Chunhua motto. Three people from the original engineering team to come today can challenge the world's top 500 enterprises, Shen Zhen insulation has made a major breakthrough in China's bubble glass market, and in the direction of large-scale national enterprises, steadily moving forward, which is Zhang Chunhua led vibrator Shen insulation with the experience of a butterfly.

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"This is a very small light absorption foam glass insulation material. Although it is very small and light, but with long-lasting and reliable insulation effect." Chunhua pointed to a dark road material to the author, this humble foam glass, can heat, cold, water, fire, heat, decay, it is a new type of building material. It is widely used in petrochemical, shipbuilding, refrigeration, underground engineering, defense engineering and other fields, only the United States and China's manufacturing enterprises. American ASTM standards to achieve the world's only two factories, Shen Zhen thermal insulation is one of them.

"Everything I'm interested in the expansion of every enterprise I want to innovate." Speaking Shen Zhen team developed the foam glass, Zhang Chunhua said city fire incident after another in recent years, particularly to his touch. "For example, in Shanghai before that fire, most people are not burned, but because fires burning toxic gas supplies after poisoning cause suffocation. If safe to use, green building materials, they may have a way out. So to produce a safe, environmentally friendly, non-flammable materials can solve this problem, foam glass is one such material. "

Zhang Chunhua has always adhere to corporate innovation management principles and direction of sustainable development, focus on innovation, developing energy-saving products. Today's Zhejiang Jiang Zhenshen insulation Technology Co., Ltd. has become the leading of domestic cellular glass manufacture, including PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC, to extend the oil are in use. Since 2007, Shen Zhen insulation began to replace US products, fill the blank foam glass insulation products. "In the future we intend to foam glass as a material used in civil construction decoration industry. In the long run, green is the most important, even if the need to pay a higher cost, I also feel very worth it, in some sense says one way is to improve resource utilization. "

Won the "top ten industrial restructuring and development of Jiaxing City man Award", "Jiaxing City Innovation Award", "five" national oil and chemical industry energy saving advanced individuals and a series of honorary titles of Chunhua, in the face These honorary title, not very concerned. "Enterprises do to be recognized is my greatest honor." In Chunhua opinion, government support policies for enterprises, employees work hard for enterprises to produce goods, to do business, is the government responsible for their own employees responsible at the same time but also back to the community.

Today, Zhang Chunhua, a time when the fourth decade, one for the home crowd Sincere Santa Claus and silent love into action. Since 2007, Zhang Chunhua they silently their contribution to a small force of their home. Wang Zhen nanmei village road tattered, Zhang Chunhua funding immediately for folks to build a concrete road, today's families are already nanmei village cement road, the road is very convenient. At the same time, has been a high degree of social responsibility, enthusiasm to get involved in social welfare undertakings of responsibility Chunhua, primary school relocation in Nan Mei Wang shop plastic track high school building, helping needy families and students, the earthquake donations, "five water cohabitation "donations has its rushing figure.

"As long as I have the ability, in the development and growth of enterprises at the same time, I will continue to fulfill its corporate social responsibility, contribute to a harmonious development of society." Zhang Chunhua said.